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Welcome to Mahavir Dental Clinic Pune, An excellent provider of Dental Care. we focus on providing clients with the best experience during each visit and provide treatments in a clean and comfortable environment. We put your needs first by putting you in full control of your oral health by showing images and providing a detailed explanation of your dental needs. We provide treatments you fully understand with a very preventative approach to ensure your teeth and treatments last longer, explain your options and help you choose the treatment plan that best suits your condition..

Routine Dental Exams and First Check up is Free.

You’ll have an initial consultation to meet the dentist. We’ll listen to your concerns and aims, talk about your treatment options, and ensure you’re suitable for treatment. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, as well as discuss payment options. Before you decide to go ahead with the treatment. Whether you’re new to the area, thinking about changing dentists, or want to learn more about the treatments we offer, we offer free initial consultations that will give you a clear idea of how we can help you achieve your ideal smile.

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Dental implants are undoubtedly the closest substitute for your natural teeth. Just like a tooth, a dental implant consists of two parts: a root which lives beneath the gum line and visible tooth which shows above. While a natural tooth is made from enamel, a dental implant consists of a titanium base buried beneath the gum, and a porcelain crown above the gum matched to the colour of your natural teeth.


Children should be encouraged to look after their teeth since day one! Healthy teeth play an important role in your child’s development as they’re responsible for chewing and nutrition, speech and overall wellbeing.


Orthodontic treatment, commonly called as braces treatment, involves correction of misaligned teeth using braces. Apart from aligning teeth, orthodontic treatment helps to restore a person’s bite, the function of their teeth and aesthetics.The treatment options and modalities can only be known after a dental visit. Invisible aligners is virtually invisible. This means you can always smile with confidence, as compared to traditional braces where the wires and metal brackets can be seen.


Teeth tend to stain over time, either due to age and wearing down of the outside layers of enamel, or due to drinking red wine, tea or coffee, smoking, and even certain types of food. Whatever the case, your teeth will eventually become darker and yellower over time.we have an advanced system of teeth whitening that can improve the brightness of your smile.


A dental crown (also known as a “cap”) is an excellent solution for patients with damaged, decayed or weakened teeth. The crown itself is an artificial tooth that sits securely over the remaining old tooth. Any damaged or brittle areas are removed from the tooth beforehand, allowing the new crown to fit comfortably on top and making it far more durable. They can be made from porcelain, gold or a combination of different materials.


When you think of tooth extraction you might think of wisdom teeth as these are regularly removed by both teenagers and adults.In some cases, this procedure can be mandatory in adulthood. Other reasons for tooth extraction are tooth decay, tooth infection or making room for other teeth if you’re getting braces.


An infected tooth is not only sensitive and uncomfortable, it’s also capable of spreading to adjacent teeth and causing further infections. These infections can lead to abscesses which are not only painful but can require extraction of the infected teeth.When the root, nerve, or blood supply of a tooth has become infected, a root canal treatment is necessary. Root canal treatments remove the infected material from the inside of the tooth without causing unnecessary damage to the tooth structure.


Scaling is non-surgical, but it is a different type of procedure from a standard dental cleaning because it involves cleaning the areas of the tooth below the gum line. This will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and help your gums regain health. But if you have severe periodontal disease and your condition may require gum surgery, your dentist and periodontistmay recommend a scaling and root planing before the surgery, as well as a thorough teeth-cleaning prior to the procedure.


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she is passionate about dentistry, has a friendly and caring approach and she is also great at helping nervous patients and children by making them feel relaxed.

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Mahavir Dental Clinic - Sus
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Mahavir Dental Clinic - Sus

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